pedX Shoes

pedX shoes, Portland, Oregon

Every summer, as the air started to turn a little colder, my mom would prep us for back-to-school shopping. She’d parade us over to Nordstrom for their summer sale and we’d get to pick out a few things for school, including a pair of shoes. That particular year, both Emily and I had our eyes on a new pair of Doc Martens.

“Really?” mom asked, holding the shoes up, their thick soles gleaming under the shoe department lights. “I know you girls think these are cute, but in your size, they’re going to look ridiculous.”

Thank goodness for power in numbers, because I probably would have believed her. But the oft-used “Those will look ridiculous in your size” speech comes from a place of my mom’s own insecurity about her feet looking big. It’s a little ironic, considering we both have bigger feet than she does. And they didn’t look ridiculous at all. We proudly laced up and headed to school in those Doc Martens when September rolled around.

pedX shoes is a space filled with beautiful light, beautiful shoes and the almost constant smell of waffle cones. How does anyone accomplish anything under these circumstances?!

pedX shoes, Portland, Oregon

This inspired women’s shoe shop — “shoe shangri la,” is just a couple doors down from the Alberta location of Salt & Straw, which is where that heavenly smell comes from. But what about the shoes? I sometimes have trouble with independent shoe stores since the styles are so particular to that store’s owner and feel. But in this case, whoever is picking the shoes should keep it up. They are all beautiful, but with just a hint of practicality — which I appreciate. And not one pair would look ridiculous in my size.

The staff here are over-and-above helpful and sweet, and welcoming too. Great for a browse or a shopping spree. And don’t miss the great sale section!

pedX shoes, Portland, Oregon

pedX shoes, 2005 NE Alberta in NE Portland’s Alberta Arts District. Check out their sister store Manifesto for men’s and women’s shoes. See also pedX’s Twitter and blog.