Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star Donuts, Portland, Oregon

He may have been 20 years too old, and he may have been my orthodontist, but that guy was hot. Every time I went in to have my braces tightened, my little fourth-grader stomach got butterflies. He looked like Paul Rudd. I would sit in his chair, mouth agape, trying to laugh at his jokes and be ladylike while he checked my teeth over. I’m sure it happened to him constantly.

The combination of Mr. Super Hot Orthodontist and what happened next made my early-morning orthodontist appointments totally worth it. I may have been the first patient in at 6:30, but after the hardware was taken care of for another month, my dad and I would head to Shirley’s Coffee House in downtown Beaverton, where I’d always have their signature coffee cake, which was dense and sweet and delicious. It was my favorite.

For twenty minutes, I got to enjoy a delicious, well-made baked good (and usually some hot chocolate) and some time with my dad. Taking a moment to sit with someone you love and eat something comforting is one of my favorite things.

Blue Star Donuts, Portland, Oregon

At Blue Star Donuts, you can find beautiful, comforting pastries and a quiet moment to sit. Pastry chef Stephanie Thornton makes her donuts warm, comforting and high-quality. All I know is, I’m never eating another donut in my life that doesn’t come from this shop.

I haven’t had them all, but each one I’ve had has been delicious. The main reason I haven’t had them all is because the second one I tried was a buttermilk old-fashioned and it was so good, it’s all I can order when I go back. I’d bet money that the hard apple cider fritter is just as delicious. At once sweet, milky and tart, this old-fashioned is like nothing you’ve tasted in a donut shop before. Wash it down with Stumptown coffee or Steven Smith tea. I recommend the chamomile.

Blue Star opens each morning with a fresh supply of donuts and stays open until they’re gone. For best results, come early and bring someone you love.

Blue Star Donuts, Portland, Oregon

The only donut you’ll ever need lives at 1237 SW Washington St. in downtown’s endlessly hip West End district. More donuts? Check out the Twitter feed.