Spruce Apothecary

Spruce Apothecary, Portland, Oregon

My dad is a father of girls. He has three of us, and as a result, he’s a big softie. One year in the early 90s, when Emily (the youngest) was working on writing poetry for class, she wrote him a poem. The poem was about the cologne he always wears — it was cK One, and no, he doesn’t wear it anymore. After the poem was finished, her teacher helped her print it out on paper that looked aged and they framed it. She gave it to my dad for father’s day that year. I can’t remember the entire poem, but the last line is, “Out of the shower, here it comes, that Calvin Klein cologne.”

My dad the softie had the poem by his bathroom sink for at least 15 years after that. I’m pretty sure he still has it somewhere dear.

Spruce Apothecary, Portland, Oregon

Emily appreciated the value of a man who smells good. The folks at Spruce Apothecary, a new shop from the owners of Canoe, know it too. That’s why this store is tastefully outfitted with some great scented goodies for the modern man. All this in a perfectly appointed little shop in the new Union Way — just another way the West End is getting way too cool for me.

Spruce Apothecary, Portland, Oregon

Spruce Apothecary is at 1022 W Burnside, Suite K in the new Union Way. Stop in to smell delicious (like my dad).


  1. Dad still wears CK One cologne and he still has the poem…priceless