Today, I Love

Manor, Portland, Oregon


I've been cleaning out closets, bustling around and taking loads of stuff I'm not that into to Goodwill. Call it crazy spring-cleaning jitters, but about right now I wish my house looked like the interior of Manor, an incredible home shop in NW Portland. Just walking through this place brings my blood pressure down a few clicks, taking in … [More]

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Oso Market + Bar

Sometimes, the name of the game is simplicity. In this food-obsessed city, I think sometimes the restaurants are over-thought, dishes over-embellished and menus … [More]

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Harlow, Portland, Oregon


Can we all just admit for a minute that breakfast in this town has gotten ridiculous? Don't get me wrong -- I love it, and when I'm on vacation in another city, I … [More]

Can’t get enough Portland?

Bushel & Peck Bakeshop, Portland, Oregon

Bushel & Peck Bakeshop

This time of year makes me want something warm to drink in my hand every hour of every day. Luckily, we live in a town blissfully full of coffee and tea shops, each with their own lovely little arrangements of goodies to go with them. I love Bushel … [More]

Fireside Restaurant, Portland, Oregon


Have you ever tried to describe Portland cuisine to people who haven't been here? Usually I end up saying things like, "Lots of pork belly," "New American" or "Comfort food." It's hard to define sometimes, the places that we love here in Portland who aren't … [More]

Case Study Coffee, Portland, Oregon

Case Study Coffee

I could blog about coffee shops all day long here and never run out -- and I don't even drink coffee! But there's something special about a place to sit and enjoy a warm beverage, a pastry and a moment of solitude. I love to hit a coffee shop in the morning as … [More]

Two Tarts Bakery, Portland, Oregon

Two Tarts Bakery

Sometimes you need just a little something sweet -- and I always appreciate a place that makes something small and perfectly crafted. Two Tarts Bakery is like that -- their signature item is a sandwich cookie in a few flavors that melt in your mouth and in … [More]

Cedo's Falafel & Gyros, Portland, Oregon

Cedo’s Falafel & Gyros

I love a falafel -- I loved falafel before people knew what the heck falafel was. But I guess those are the street-cred perks of being a young vegetarian. My friend Alice introduced me to Cedo's this year and it's a favorite spot now. It's simple, inexpensive … [More]

Sammy's Flowers, Portland, Oregon

Sammy’s Flowers

To say that I was a boy-crazy adolescent would have been a pretty serious understatement. My parents were repeatedly called by youth group leaders and teachers because of my behavior around the boys. That's just the way I rolled -- and I started early. I … [More]

Spruce Apothecary, Portland, Oregon

Spruce Apothecary

My dad is a father of girls. He has three of us, and as a result, he's a big softie. One year in the early 90s, when Emily (the youngest) was working on writing poetry for class, she wrote him a poem. The poem was about the cologne he always wears -- it was cK … [More]

PBJ's Grilled Food Cart, Portland, Oregon

PBJ’s Grilled

My father-in-law, Ernie, is a total sweetheart. When it comes to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, he's also a total creature of habit. I've been a member of his family now for 6 years and I've been watching this man's PB&J routine like a hawk. I … [More]

and Cafe, Portland, Oregon

a n d Cafe

My family all lives nearby, and we get together a lot. There are 11 of us now (just from my immediate family of my sisters and parents) and between us, we have a hilarious grouping of food allergies, intolerances and preferences. We're also always in … [More]

Three Penny Mercantile, Portland, Oregon

Three Penny Mercantile

Flashback to 1989 with me. I'm 7, and inseparable from my best friend Julie. My little sister Emily plays sidekick. Most days start out good-natured, but eventually, Julie and I end up concocting mischief. This day is no different. We decide that we're … [More]